My Wife and I are 75 plus and Looking to Move Into a Condo

My wife and I are 75-plus and are looking to move into a condo. We are fairly mobile now, but are looking ahead. Can you advise us on what changes we should consider during construction, such as modifying door sizes or installing a stair power chair?

Congratulations on the move and for wanting to live somewhere that can meet your needs as you get older. Here are a few items to put on your construction wish list:

  • Kitchen countertops at a variety of levels so you can work at the counter standing or sitting.
  • Doorways that are 36” wide if possible, making it easy to move from room to room.
  • Lever door handles and rocker light switches to make it easy to open doors and turn on lights.
  • Cabinet door and drawer handles that are C- or D-shaped.
  • Grab bars in the bathroom — they can be disguised as towel racks.
  • Built-in seat in the shower — it can convert your bathroom from a safety hazard to a spa.
  • Staircase wide enough and straight enough to handle a stair lift, or stackable closets that can be converted to an elevator, if your condo isn’t all on one floor.
  • A “barrier free” shower with no encumbrances preventing entry whether you are still totally ambulatory, on a walker, or wheelchair bound.
  • Enhanced lighting throughout the house allowing you to see properly as you navigate from room to room.

These are just some of the modifications that we have been providing to individuals all across the greater metro Atlanta area for the past 11 years. From grab bars in the tub/shower area to whole house modifications, we’re the experts, and can enable you to remain living at home with more safety and independence. For a FREE home evaluation, call us at 770-939-0747, or email at .

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